Our Story

Our collaborative team excels in technology, project management and creative thinking. Although we may be different ages and come from disparate backgrounds, we all subscribe to the same mojo:

Create video that strategically and purposefully connects with people

Video has the potential to connect with people’s hearts and minds. Both are key to achieving success. Our marketing and storytelling sensibilities, production and design aesthetics and technical flexibility are all crucial components and equally important parts of the process of reaching and building new audiences.

Video supports business

Video can be much more than a one-off proposition. It’s all about strategy. Video is a crucial business asset that provides considerable value when it is organized and managed. With new emerging distribution channels, like social media networking, the opportunity to repurpose video assets is more valuable than ever.

Sway opinion, drive action and inform constituencies

Video can be part of your compliance mandate, increase your sales or motivate your employees. Human resource orientations, video RFP’s and white papers, and product/service stories are just some of the ways you can use video effectively.

In not-for-profit business, video is critical to your fundraising efforts, in defining your mission and reporting results. Grants and sponsorship proposals are often won when video is part of the value proposition. Your organization’s voice can find clarity with a unified and crafted message.

Core competency

You might only need a specific service, like editing or encoding, or you may require a tactical content solution that involves all aspects of video engagement including creative concepts, content packaging or a distribution release strategy. You may have questions or technical concerns. Call us. Let’s connect, mull it over, make some magic -- perhaps go out on a creative limb a little.

Your audience is waiting – what’s your story?